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Macbook keyboard cover Pro 2019-2020 13 and 16 inches


  • Suitable for 2019/2020 Macbook pro 13 and 16 inch
  • Suitable for A2141, A2251 and A2289 keyboard covers.
  • A clear silicone keyboard cover treated with Silver glass antimicrobial powder.
  • Suitable for UK keyboard layout
  • Is reusable and is fitted easily
  • Protects from Spills, Food, Dust, Moisture, Oil, Grease, Dirt, Bacteria and viruses.
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Keyboard cover macbook pro 13, 16 inch

The MacBook Pro 2019-2020 keyboard cover protector can extend the life of your device and protect your investment. It’s not just easy to use, made-to-measure and completely reusable, but it’s also designed to provide constant protection from potentially dangerous microbial pathogens and viruses.

Fit this simple yet highly effective protective skin in seconds, and type normally in the knowledge that you’re stopping debris and dust from getting inside your keyboard. And at such a low price, the Macbook pro 13 inch keyboard cover is a cost-effective way to protect such an expensive gadget.

The Silicone Keyboard Cover Macbook Pro 13 Is Made to Measure

This precision-engineered protective skin is designed to make protecting your Apple laptop a simple, hassle-free process. Suitable for both the 13 and 16 inch MacBook Pro models, it can be fitted in just a couple of seconds.

Simply place the protective cover over your keyboard, ensuring all the keys are properly aligned with the corresponding areas. Made to fit A2141, A225 and A2289 keyboards with the UK layout, this premium product is as effective as it is easy to use.

Protection from Harmful Pathogens

Protecting yourself against viruses and bacteria has never been more important. That’s why the MacBook Pro A289, A2141, A2241, A2289 keyboard cover is treated with Silver Glass ion powder. This anti-microbial substance stops bacteria from multiplying — and kills pathogens before they can cause illness.

Protection from Busy Working Environments

A busy working environment is often a dirty one. Even an office desk can be blighted by dirt, grease, moisture and oils. But nothing poses a bigger danger to MacBook keyboards than spillages. That’s why this Macbook pro 13 keyboard cover is guaranteed to provide maximum protection from these everyday substances:

  • Spillages (tea, coffee, soft drinks etc)

  • Moisture

  • Humidity

  • Oils (from fingers)

  • Crumbs and food

  • Dust

  • Grit

  • Bacteria

  • Viruses