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Macbook air keyboard cover 2018 13 inches. Silicone keyboard cover


  • Suitable for 2018 Macbook Air 13 inch
  • A clear silicone keyboard cover treated with Silver glass antimicrobial powder.
  • Suitable for UK keyboard layout
  • Is reusable and is fitted easily
  • Protects from Spills, Food, Dust, Moisture, Oil, Grease, Dirt, Bacteria and viruses.
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MacBook Air 2018 Keyboard Cover

The MacBook Air 2018 keyboard cover provides protection for both your device and your health. Designed specifically for the 2018 MacBook Air laptop, this premium protective cover is easy to fit and wipeable. And it provides protection against dust, debris and potentially harmful pathogens.

Made to an exceptionally high standard, this product is as durable as it is practical. High-quality silicone forms the basis of the protective skin, but there’s added protection from bacteria. A specially formulated Silver Glass powder sets this product apart from others on the market — as it’s designed to kill the vast majority of microbial pathogens before they have a chance to multiply.

Mac keyboard cover for the UK Layout

This protective keyboard skin is designed to fit the exact dimensions and key layout of UK models. Simply place the skin over the keyboard, and start typing immediately. Every key on the laptop is protected at all times.

Featuring Silver Glass Powder

During these uncertain times, everyday items and contact areas need to be sanitised and disinfected at all times. Silver Glass is an ion powder that makes breeding and survival impossible for bacteria. This completely safe substance works by removing the enzymes bacteria need to survive.

Practical Protection

The MacBook Air 13 inch 2018 keyboard cover makes protecting your keyboard easier than ever. Simply lay the skin over the keys for protection against dust and a range of other contaminants.

Remove the protective cover and wipe it clean when necessary — this premium product is fully reusable. MacBook Air keyboard skin fits for around-the-clock protection from:

  • Spillages

  • Dust

  • Food debris

  • Moisture

  • Oil (from fingers)

  • Grease

  • Dirt

  • Bacteria

  • Viruses