Who we are

Who we are

Our goal is to provide a safer environment to work in for you and those around you. It is important to minimise the risks of transmitting disease, one way we can achieve this is by protecting the tools we use, like keyboards, from numerous bacteria and viruses.

Keyboards are one of the dirtiest objects in a work setting and so it is important to ensure the safety of a work environment for school children, students and office workers and to prevent the spread of infection. Oftentimes cleaning products may simply not be enough as the bacteria and viruses develop resistance to them as well as chemical products can be damaging to keyboards.

The way it works:

Every Keyture keyboard cover has a BioCote® silver-ion antimicrobial additive added into the silicone, making it last for the products lifetime. The silver-ion technology has a negative effect on the microbes causing them to reduce. The additive causes protein damage, cell membrane damage, oxidative damage and DNA damage to the microbes, making your Keyboard microbe-free, while being safe for the user.

It can be challenging to keep the workspace clean and safe at all times, especially in public spaces where there are a large number of users.  That’s why our product offers an extra layer of protection to make sure everyone can work safely.


The product has received an ISO certificate, which shows its effectiveness against numerous bacteria and virus infections.